Welcome to Liberty Emporium

We are a family team, based in Yorkshire and Launched our company in November 2018. We are both avid users of wax melts, bath bombs and soaps in our homes.

After being constantly disappointed in the quality of products on the market, we made a decision to start making our own, we didn’t realise how much hard work and determination we would need to make Liberty Emporium work, but love doing what we do!

From the offset we agreed that all of our products needed to be made from locally sourced base materials and of a high standard. We researched our ingredients and experimented with recipes until we were happy with the final products. All of our products are tested and certified (bath bomb, soaps, bath fizz, shower gels, bubble bath, shampoo and conditioners) and all of our wax melts are CLP compliant.

After sharing with family and friends we decided to start Liberty Emporium selling our wax melts at craft fairs and after months of testing we launched our bath bombs and soaps. We have now September 2019 opened up our shop in Morley Market.